ROCKCANDY Professional Disc Jockeys have been leading the way in mobile entertainment & setting the bar in DJ services. Our Disc Jockeys are the most professional, well-trained entertainers of their kind & true masters of their trade. ROCKCANDY is here to make your event unique & the ONE to remember!

“Why choose ROCKCANDY instead of the other guys?"

• ROCKCANDY offers you the very latest in event planning! With our 24/7 online event planner & complete access to our music database. You can be sure that everything will be up to your expectations even if you happen to change your event details days before your wedding or party.

• We have multiple DJ's. Why trust a "one man band". There is always that situation where they double book an event or have a family emergency, don’t let that happen to you. With multiple performers & a proven computer management system, you don't have to worry about ROCKCANDY NOT showing up. Worried about "cookie cutter" styles? Our DJ's are exclusive in themselves! We never contract anyone else to perform on ROCKCANDY’s behalf.

Come in, sit down & hang with us - ROCKCANDY has a fully staffed office in located in Denver where you can walk-in with questions, concerns or just to talk shop. Not a cliché coffee shop!

• Checks & balances - we review our performers every month. We make sure they are up to speed with trends & style. On the flip side, our DJ's keep ROCKCANDY's management in the loop on what is hot & what is not.

• ROCKCANDY offers a FREE consultation to all of our clients. Meeting with a performer prior to your event is key. With our Event Planner workbook we go over everything you want (and everything you DON’T want) beforehand. This eliminates the problem of hearing the wrong music, knowing the flow of announcements, & so much more. Come the day of the event, no worries, we got you covered!

• ROCKCANDY is fully insured with a business indemnity & personal liability policy.

• ROCKCANDY’S library of music is 100% ASCAP/BMI legal. We do not pirate music.

• ROCKCANDY attire is set by you the client. At your request our DJ will show up Formal, Semi-Formal, or Casual ….you choose.

• Ever wonder if your DJ is “The New Guy"? That can be scary & a potential disaster. ROCKCANDY only hires performers with credentials. Our DJ's are all over 22 years old, have worked with Disney, Carnival, Night Clubs in Vegas and Denver, and have a minimum of one year experience of wedding performances under their belts. Our hiring process is extensive & intensive. We don't hire novice DJ's off craigslist or summer-staff DJs. Each DJ is hand-selected & recruited based on a quality reputation.

• From mild to wild ROCKCANDY is your DJ! If you're dreaming of a reception where you could swear the string quartet is right next to the head table or you want to feel like you’re in a honky-tonk in downtown Nashville, or maybe you're envisioning a swingin’ big-band night at the after-party of a trendy nightclub, we can put you right there!!!

• You pay for what you get - At ROCKCANDY, we have analyzed the wedding entertainment market from old to new trends, we have seen the cheapest DJ perform & it's true, you pay for what you get. We have priced all our competitors & averaged the cost out to bring you the best value. We feel that we can offer Nordstroms service with Target pricing.

• Don't spend TOO much- Like we said you pay for what you get, however it could work the opposite, too. If you pay top dollar & price yourself out of the market, those DJs are usually full of themselves & focus the attention on them, not you. We also know that every event does not have to be the biggest. We offer various packages for you & your event depending on what you what, not what we want.

• Don't Delay, ROCKCANDY is typically booked several months in advance, & we never enjoy telling a client “We’re booked". Call today (even if you might not know exactly what you want) so we can check availability for your event. Don’t be scared…. This ROCKCANDY won't hurt your gums!